North Korea Launches Short Range Missile

July 24, 2019 A U.S. assessment determined North Korea launched at least one short range projectile earlier today.

A U.S. defense official told CNN an initial assessment revealed the launch appears to resemble the May 2019 firing of two short-range missiles, which traveled approximately 260 miles.

Reuters‘ reports South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said two unidentified projectiles were launched early Thursday morning from an area near Wonsan, on North Korea’s eastern coast.

“Our military, in preparation for additional launches, is maintaining (its) readiness posture by monitoring related movements,” an official in the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff office said.

Earlier this week, North Korea released photos of leader, Kim Jong Un touring a factory building with what is believed to be a nuclear capable submarine, probably on the country’s east coast. A close reading of the images confirmed that a U.S. fight with North Korea could mean death for millions in the region, and suicide for Pyongyang, the country’s capital.

North Korea has long sought a submarine capable of firing ballistic missiles, but has struggled to create one while under international sanctions. Ballistic-missile submarines give countries like the U.S. and Russia an incomparable deterrent.

The latest developments come just weeks after U.S. President Donald Trump made history, becoming the first sitting commander in chief to set foot in North Korea as he met Kim Jong Un. The two leaders agreed to restart talks on a much anticipated nuclear agreement.








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