Christmas Market Shooting in France Was Act of Terrorism

UPDATE: French authorities say another victim in last week’s  #Strasbourg #Christmasmarket attack has died, bringing the death toll to 5


December 12, 2018 French Police continue to search for the gunman that opened fire on a Strasbourg Christmas market on Tuesday that killed three people and injured at least a dozen others.

French authorities on Wednesday confirmed the deadly shooting  was a terrorist attack.

French police have identified the suspect as Strasbourg-born Cherif Chekatt, 29, who is on an watch list as a potential security risk. Chekatt reportedly hailed a cab to flee the scene and the cab driver later contacted police.

Law enforcement officials have confirmed Chekatt spent time in prison in both France and Germany. French intelligence officials say Chekatt was radicalized in prison.

No one has yet claimed responsibility, but the SITE Intelligence Group, the Islamic State’s official website indicated that supporters of the terrorist group are celebrating.

France has been on high alert since several terrorist attacks carried out by both ISIS and al-Qaeda rocked Paris in 2015. Increased security measures, including bag checks and an unauthorized vehicle ban were in place at the Strasbourg market when Tuesday’s shooting took place.

The Paris attacks highlighted gaps in information sharing between the United States and its trusted allies. None of the members of the Islamic State or ISIS believed to be responsible for simultaneous attacks across Paris in November, 2015 were on the U.S. no fly lists. Earlier in 2015, three gunmen stormed the Paris office of the controversial magazine, Charlie Hebdo and opened fire, killing at least twelve and injuring 11 others. French officials said the gunmen had ties to Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

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